GNHRE Third Annual Symposium – Call for Abstracts

The Third Annual GNHRE Symposium

The third annual GNHRE symposium will take place at the  2014 IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium, to be held in the beautiful city of Tarragona, Spain. The Colloquium runs from 30th June – 5th July – and the GNHRE Symposium takes place on 30th June and 1st of July over a highly interactive, stimulating two day programme.

GNHRE Symposia are warmly appreciated for their imaginative, conversational and intellectually sustained engagement with the issues under consideration. Former participants have described the events as being among the best they have ever been part of as academics. This year will be no exception.

The theme for the Symposium is ‘Reimagining “humanity” in the nexus between human rights and the environment.’
This year’s theme invites engagement with the central question of ‘who we think we are’ as human beings and ‘where we think we are’ in terms of our understanding of the world we inhabit and which inhabits us. How might the relationship between human rights and the environment be reconfigured by renewed understandings and engagements with the question of who we are? How do human rights construct and shape a vision of who we are and in what kind of world? What different concepts and constructs are at play in the human rights trope? How does environmental law construct ‘nature’? How do legal relations portray, fix or shape the relationship between ‘humanity’ and ‘nature’? Are there patterns we can recognize and change in the nexus between human rights and the environment? How might such changes affect the future? How might change be effected and operationalized? What laws, policies and practices would best embody new ways of being and seeing adequate to an energy-intensive  world in climate crisis?

The list of such questions is open-ended – and you are invited to explore the central Symposium theme as richly as you wish. There are four thematic areas in which abstracts are invited:

1)   Philosophical Re-Investigations

2)   Reconfiguring the Legal

3)   Activism and Praxis

4)   Multi-level Reformulation

Please send abstracts for consideration to and

You may wish to read the publication based on the first GNHRE Symposium, held in 2012 at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain and available on their journal page. 

Abstracts should be submitted by March 1st 2014. After that time, invitations to attend will be warmly issued.


Publication of first GNHRE Annual Symposium Collection

The first GNHRE Annual Symposium was held in 2012 at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain. The symposium brought together thinkers committed to re-imagining the nexus between human rights and the environment. The edited collection of papers resulting is published by the Onati Institute in their well-respected socio-legal series.

The papers are available here: Human Rights and the Environment: In Search of a New Relationship


GNHRE and the Dahrendorf Symposium 2013

berlin-graffitiDahrendorf Symposium 2013 – Social and Legal Aspects of Climate Change (Working Panel 3)

Professor Conor Gearty (Director of the Institute for Public Affairs, LSE, and GNHRE member) chaired Working Panel 3 at the Dahrendorf Symposium 2013 in Berlin, November 14th and 15th.  Panel members : Professor Henry Shue (Oxford); Mary Robinson (Director of the Mary Robinson Institute: Climate Justice); Anna Grear (GNHRE Director, Reader in Law, Cardiff Law School; Dahrendorf Visiting Fellow 2013); Stephen Humphreys (LSE) and Marcus Hehdahl (Grantham Research Institute and Dahrendorf Doctoral Fellow 2013). The panel was provocative and engaging. It set the tone by asking the difficult questions about social and legal aspects of climate change, framing this as a question of climate justice/climate injustice; rights of future generations and equitable access to sustainable development. A special edition of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment will follow, due for publication in June 2014.

Dahrendorf Symposium 2013

Anna Grear at the Dahrendorf Symposium – Short interview on climate change


GNHRE Core Team Expansion

New Core Team Members: Towards New Partnerships

The GNHRE Core Team has recently been expanded by the addition of two new members responsible for Indigenous issues: Valmaine Toki, our new Indigenous Coordinator – also a Vice Chair on the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues – and Catherine Irons, our new Indigenous Research Officer.  The GNHRE is delighted to welcome two  such energetic and capable members to the Core Team! Through their work, we very much hope to expand our work by working alongside Indigenous peoples’ groups, scholar and community leaders working for environmental justice all over the world.