Svetlana Cicmil: GNHRE Core Team

Svet-PMI300Reader in Critical Studies of Global Operations, Bristol UWE, UK

Svetlana has a BSc (Civ eng), an MBA and a PhD and is Reader in Critical Studies of Global Operations and Director of Postgraduate Research, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, Bristol, Bristol, UK

Svetlana’s  research focuses on the study of complex projects, risks and sustainability in a global context. Her specific research interests include the critical study of project-based work and management as economic, social and political phenomena,  the pursuit of  advanced understandings of complexity in organisations, and how the meaning is attributed to the notions of risk, uncertainty, crisis and sustainability. The focus is on interconnectedness, interdependency, paradox and temporality in a global context of organisations, pronounced particularly in the set-up and conduct of major cross-border projects and our ‘projectified’ society. Given the prevalence of what is known as ‘sustainability agenda’ and the ideas it has been promoting and appropriating, such as geo-engineering, climate change, ecological crises, environmental protection, it has become inevitable to refocus critical attention to these issues in a broader field of project studies.

(Further details about Svetlana’s research are available through her profile on this site).