Call for emerging scholars to join the GNHRE

In an effort to enhance the diversity of GNHRE and expand its membership among early career individuals, we are calling upon current members to nominate one new emerging scholar for membership in the Network.

Emerging scholars are those scholars, activists, and practitioners in academic institutions, think tanks, law firms, and other organizations whose work relates to the intersection of human rights and the environment, and who have earned a doctoral or professional degree within the past 7 years.

Nominations should include the name and contact information (including email) of a prospective member, and should be sent to Josh Gellers ( Josh will reach out to all those nominated and encourage them to apply for membership according to the GNHRE Membership Guidelines, which will be made available on the GNHRE website.

Feature image: Anna Grear


One thought on “Call for emerging scholars to join the GNHRE”

  1. This sounds to me like a breakthrough. In attaining my masters degree, i carried a multidisplinary study on climate change and human rights under the theme: The Human Rights Perspective of Global Warming: the Case of Cameroon. In the course of my findings, I found that a huge number of people, most especially in sub saharan african countries are forcely displaced or evicted by manifestations. I will like to engage in a PhD study under your prestigious institution, to assess the extent of protection accorded to the human rights of people who are forcefully displaced by climate change associated harms.

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