Workshop announcement: The Dignity Rights Project

The Dignity Rights Project at Delaware Law School in the US is hosting a 2nd Virtual Workshop on Dignity Rights on Friday November 17, 10-1 (NY time), following up on a workshop held last May. The principal aims are to enrich our understanding of the functions and potential of dignity rights in human rights work and to expand the network of scholars, lawyers, activists and others doing work on the human right to dignity; topics will include the role of dignity in advancing environmental rights and environmental justice, education, the rights of indigenous and local communities, and more. So please join us whether you would like to present an idea or project you’re working on or just to listen in. We will use zoom meeting platform so you can join by phone or computer by just clicking a link.

The conversation is easy, carbon-free, and sophisticated.

Please contact Professor Erin Daly at or Professor Jimmy May at if you’d like a link to the conversation; please include a brief description of your work if you’d like to present.