Stormy weather: The challenge of climate change and displacement – review (F. Thornton)


Fanny Thornton (publication review)


IPCC, climate change, drought, flooding, famine, vulnerability, displacement, global warming, climate refugees, involuntary migration.


As early as 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that millions of people would be displaced by the effects of climate change, whether through drought, flooding, famine or other causes, presenting a significant challenge to the international community. Particularly impacted will be already vulnerable small island developing states, such as many island nations in the South Pacific Ocean. It is on this geographic region that David Corlett’s latest book focuses, drawing on the example of picturesque Tuvalu to highlight the lack of reliable provision for the rights of people whose livelihoods and, ultimately, survival are threatened by environmental change attributable to climate change. Although climate change displacement is receiving growing attention in both academic and policy circles, Corlett’s book is an early attempt to engage with this subject in the form of a more substantial publication.


(2009) 21(4) International Journal of Refugee Law, 851-853.


Stormy weather: The challenge of climate change and displacement.