Climate Change Policy in the European Union (A. Jordan, et al)


Andrew Jordan ( University of East Anglia, UK) ; Dave Huitema (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam ); Haro van Asselt (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam ); Tim Rayner ( University of East Anglia , UK ) and Frans Berkhout (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam )


Climate change policy, European Union, Governance; Burden sharing; Renewable energies; Emissions trading; Water sector


The European Union (EU) has emerged as a leading governing body in the international struggle to govern climate change. The transformation that has occurred in its policies and institutions has profoundly affected climate change politics at the international level and within its 27 Member States. But how has this been achieved when the EU comprises so many levels of governance, when political leadership in Europe is so dispersed and the policy choices are especially difficult? Drawing on a variety of detailed case studies spanning the interlinked challenges of mitigation and adaptation, this volume offers an unrivalled account of how different actors wrestled with the complex governance dilemmas associated with climate policy making. Opening up the EU’s inner workings to non-specialists, it provides an unparalleled perspective on the unique way that the EU governs, as well as exploring its ability to maintain a leading position in international climate change politics.

Explores the emergence of climate policy in the EU and identifies the key governance choices that informed the design of its climate policies • Reveals how governors in the EU grapple with complex choices and dilemmas in a fast moving and strategically important policy area • Uses policy analysis to explore how policy could unfold in the future, and what new governance dilemmas this may provoke


Andre Jordan, et al (eds), Climate Change Policy in the European Union: Confronting the Dilemmas of Mitigation and Adaptation? (CUP, Cambridge 2010)


Climate Change Policy in the European Union: Confronting the Dilemmas of Mitigation and Adaptation?