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Gnhre LogoWelcome to the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE)

A Network for the Creation of Change

We are a global network of thinkers, researchers, policy-makers, opinion-formers and community activists whose diversity forges new conversations and relationships.  We produce,  exchange and learn from world-leading scholarship and insights drawn from community-embedded experience and praxis at the interface between human rights and the environment all over the world.

Explore this site to meet our patrons, partners, linked researchers, policy makers, lawyers and NGO and community activists.  Check out our projects—some of which are listed on the left hand menu: The Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change; the ‘Reimagine the Future’ Commons Project; our Symposia; and our sister-project, The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment.

The GNHRE research archive contains over 2000 sources for research – by far the most extensive dedicated research portal on human rights and the environment available.